Beginning Your Next Excavation Project

May 21, 2020 | Resources

Are you ready to begin your next excavation project? Perhaps you are building a house or a new building for your business, or you’d like to build a basement or a multi-layered parking lot. There are necessary precautions that need to be accounted for before you start your excavation project.



It’s important you time your excavation project properly so that you don’t do it too soon in the season or too late. It all depends on how cold the ground is. Most individuals reserve their excavation projects for summer or late spring at the earliest. During the fall, the ground begins to freeze. Winter is out of the question. It can be a bad idea to complete an excavation project when the ground is cold, because the ground is harder and digging is especially difficult.


If your project can’t wait, there are some specific methods you can try, such as hydro-excavation. This process utilizes high pressure water to dig through frozen soil.


Check your Surroundings

You can’t simply start excavating; you have to check your surroundings first. You will need to speak directly to utility operators to ensure that your excavation project doesn’t hit or damage utility lines. Before you begin, you’ll want to mark where underground utilities run. You should also pay attention to where your trees, plants, and other shrubs have planted roots. You could be in for quite the project if you hit a tree root that has been growing for decades.


Avoid Cave-Ins

There are regulations you must follow depending on how far you dig. You need an exit in case of a cave-in. Cave-ins can happen because of the soil quality and weather conditions. They can also happen if excavation equipment is too close to the edge.

Leave it to the Experts

If you are concerned about taking an excavation project on yourself, it’s best to call in the experts. Landwehr Construction can take care of the entire process from start to finish. We can manage the estimating, budgeting, and project management process entirely in-house. Our employees are certified and highly skilled. We’d love to be your one-stop contractor.