Construction in the Fall

Sep 21, 2020 | Resources

The temperatures have dropped as we transition from summer to fall. Fewer construction crews are seen on the road as we await the upcoming frigid winter. Building in the fall may seem counterproductive because of the colder weather, but it is actually a great time to start your building projects. Costs may be lower and the weather is mild.



The mild weather in the fall is ideal for working outside. The temperatures are not scorching nor are they too cold just yet. Unlike other seasons where the threat of thunderstorms or other severe weather patterns loom large, there typically won’t be full days lost while waiting for the weather to clear in the fall months.


Ground Projects

Fall is the ideal time for foundation and excavation projects because the soil is dry. This allows contractors to easily remove roots and weeds that could be problematic in your foundation down the road if not removed.


Increased Productivity

The cooler temperatures are also much easier to work in. There may be fewer daylight hours, but the hot summer sun can be both exhausting and daunting. Crews can typically work more efficiently during the fall because of this.


Cheaper Materials

Demand isn’t nearly as high in the fall. Because of this, building materials may be cheaper. You can really take advantage of this if you are working on multiple building projects.


Quick Permits

You will find that obtaining permits for fall building projects is typically faster. Local government agencies that provide permits are not as busy as they are during the summer months, so you’ll likely receive the go ahead to proceed with your project quicker than you would in the summer months.



We are happy to work on all your fall building projects.