1. What does Herbie the Elf in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer want to be?
    1. Surgeon
    2. Dentist
    3. Veterinarian
    4. Nurse


  1. In the Polar Express, who can hear the bell ring?
    1. Children under the age of 18
    2. Orphans in need of a family
    3. Only those who truly believe
    4. Children of wealthy families


  1. In The Santa Clause 2, when Santa finds out about the Mrs. Clause how many days does he have to find a wife?
    1. 24 days
    2. 28 days
    3. 32 days
    4. 36 days


  1. In The Santa Claus, Judy the elf brings Charlie a mug of hot cocoa. How many years did it take to perfect the recipe?
    1. 10 years
    2. 125 years
    3. 1,200 years
    4. 2,500 years


  1. In The 2000 Jim Carrey Grinch movie, what is the Grinch’s brain full of and what does he have in his soul?
    1. Cactus and eels
    2. Seasick crocodiles and dead tomatoes
    3. Spiders and garlic
    4. Rubbish and skunks


  1. What did the family in Christmas Story eat for dinner on Christmas?
    1. Pheasant
    2. Turkey
    3. Peking Duck
    4. Canadian Goose


  1. In what famous mall was Jingle all the way filmed in?
    1. Sawgrass Mills
    2. Mall of America
    3. The Galleria
    4. The Shops at Columbus circle


  1. In the 1947 film, Miracle on 34th Street, what department store does Kris Kringle Work at?
    1. Sears
    2. JCPenney’s
    3. Steiger’s
    4. Macy’s


  1. In National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, how long has Cousin Eddie been unemployed?
    1. 5 years
    2. 7 years
    3. 9 years
    4. 12 years


  1. In the movie The Santa Clause, what seasonal decoration is used to break Santa out of jail?
    1. Tinsel
    2. Explosives
    3. Christmas Lights
    4. He wasn’t in jail


  1. In Home Alone, when did Kevin’s mother realize he was left at home?
    1. When they got to Paris
    2. In the taxi on the way to the airport
    3. When they were leaving their House
    4. During the flight to Paris


  1. When Clark and Cousin Eddie are in the living room drinking eggnog in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, what animal are the glasses shaped as?
    1. Cow
    2. Deer
    3. Elk
    4. Moose


  1. In the movie Four Christmases, what was Brad’s real name before he legally changed it?
    1. Orlando
    2. Denver
    3. Austin
    4. Dallas


  1. Which movie is this quote from? “You guys give up, or are you thirsty for more?”
    1. Four Christmases
    2. Home alone
    3. Jingle all the way
    4. Die Hard


  1. In which Christmas movie did Jack Frost trick Scott Calvin into saying he wished he’d never became Santa?
    1. Deck the halls
    2. The Santa clause 2
    3. Jingle all the way
    4. The Santa clause 3