Demolition in the Winter

Nov 6, 2020 | Resources

Winter is here: snow is falling, the ground has frozen, and business owners are scrambling to finish the renovation projects they started in summer and fall. While most people associate demolition projects with every season other than winter, it’s a common misconception that demolition can’t happen in the colder months.

Can Demolition Projects Happen During Winter?

Depending on the size of your project and the specifics of the weather, winter demolition can be completed. Heavy snow, ice, and freezing temperatures are factors which can affect the project, even creating threats to worker safety. The key to combatting this is a trusted company who prioritizes safety and knows the proper techniques to mitigate danger.

That said, it’s also important you remain flexible during the course of the project. With the ever-changing conditions of a Minnesota winter, it’s possible snowstorms or extreme cold could delay the project.

Demolition Projects Suited to Winter

When deciding whether to tackle your demolition project during the winter or wait until spring, consider the scope of your project. Small-scale indoor renovations can easily be done during the winter—things like removing old cabinets, taking out flooring in preparation for replacement, or tearing down a wall. Larger indoor projects can be completed as well, like gutting a commercial space while leaving the exterior untouched.

If your demolition is part of a larger project, taking care of what you can during the winter streamlines the process; knocking down an old exterior balcony in the winter means you’ll be able to start construction immediately come spring.

While it’s true larger-scale projects may be better-suited to spring, most construction companies worth their salt have no trouble accommodating winter demolition. When discussing a potential project, be honest and clear about any time restrictions, and your company will be able to help you decide the best time to begin.

Benefits of Winter Demolition

During the colder months, business slows for construction and demolition companies, so you might be offered lower prices for your winter demolition project. Additionally, companies experience increased availability, giving them more time to prioritize the completion of your project.

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