Wetland Specialty

The right equipment:

At Landwehr, we utilize our large fleet of equipment and state-of-the-art technology that records torque in real-time while constantly monitoring each anchor as it is being installed. This allows us to match the right equipment and technicians to each project, no matter the project size or location.

Landwehr Construction is the Contractor of choice when it comes to working in the wetlands.  Our extensive experience in streambank restoration, channel realignment, box culverts, dam removal, rock riffle installation, and other wetland restoration/rehabilitation projects puts us at the top of the list for this environmentally sensitive work. 

You can count on our experienced crews and specialized equipment to get the job done safely, on time & budget, and in full compliance with all governing regulations.  When the job requires working in the water, Landwehr is the call you want to make!

Safety is our number one priority

Safety is a keystone of our work
environment and culture.


Streambank Restoration
Channel Realignment
Structure Demolition
Water Control Structures
Sheet Pile Structures
Fish Barriers
Rock Riffles
Rock Rip Rap
Box Culverts
Restoration & Seeding


Governmental Agencies
Private Developments
Wildlife Advocacy Groups
Parks & Natural Areas
Industrial Sites

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Estimator/Project Manager

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