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Heavy Moving Solutions

Do you have a big project that requires some heavy lifting or heavy rigging? Landwehr Construction has the experience, skills, and equipment necessary to move almost anything. Whether you need to move CNC machines, woodworking machines, or paper cutting machines, Landwehr is happy to offer our services.

Landwehr has the capability to install and relocate overhead cranes as well as jib cranes. No project is too big or too small. We can move an individual machine or an entire plant. Our heavy haul fleet can transport up to 120,000 lb. loads. Our forklift fleet can lift upwards of 35,000 lbs. For loads even larger, Landwehr has a fleet of mobile cranes that have a 400-ton capacity.

Our Traksporter dolly system has the ability to roll machines up to 120,000 lbs.

We provide machinery moving, rigging, and heavy haul services throughout the entire Midwest, including the Twin City Metro and surrounding areas. We are conveniently located in St. Cloud, MN. Whether we need to move into or out of a dock or into ground level doors, we will take care of the job smoothly and efficiently. Contact us for all your heavy rigging, machinery moving, and heavy haul moving needs.

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25/35 Hoist forklift – 35,000lb capacity forklift with forks and riggers boom
Various capacity forklifts from 5000 lbs. – 15,000 lbs.
Traksporter Dolly System – 120,000lb capacity remote control hydraulic steering dolly system
Gantry systems
Tractor/Trailer capable to offload/load ground or dock level
Heavy haul trailers capable of transporting up to 120,000 lbs.
Mobile cranes up to 400-ton

Machinery Moving Capabilties

Moving forklifts with Rigger Boom up to 35,000lbs in capacity
Traksporter Dolly System – 120,000lbs Remote Control Hydraulic Steering System
Grantry Systems
Tractor/Trailer Fleet to Offload at Ground or Dock Level
Heavy Haul Transport up to 120,000lbs.
Mobile Crane Fleet up to 400-ton Capacity
Specialty Rigging and Design
Expert Job Planning

Machinery Moving Applications

Plant Relocation
CNC, Laser, Granite and wood cutting machinery relocation
Punch Press and Press Brake Relocation
Overhead Crane Removal and Installation
Generator setting
Machinery Warehousing
Trucking Services
And More!

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